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    Sturgeon Spawn 2012

    Anyone interested in watching the largest spawning population of sturgeon in the world this spring?

    Here's diving with them at one of the spawning grounds. (first big fish is a muskie)

    #1 RULE. DO NOT TOUCH OR HAMPER THEM IN ANY WAY DURING SPAWNING! The DNR will be all over your butt if you do!

    I did get to go in the water with them during the spawning to try and get video, but I couldn't touch them to even push them off me. I had to be like a rock on the bottom. They are kinda like big puppy dogs. The DNR will be out both tagging and watching. The tagging is now being done with implants, and the old metal tags are being removed. While I was filming, the DNR behind me caught one for tagging that was 80" long and close to 200 lbs. I shot from right next to the dam and bridge in the above video. The bridge is a pedestrian bridge, and affords good viewing from above.

    They start spawning on the Wolf River when the water temps hit 48-50 degrees roughly around April. The DNR goes on high alert for poaching during this time. The biggest worry is Russian poachers moving in for the caviar trade. Those caught will be walking home, as the DNR will take everything including their car.

    Here's more on the fish.

    Might be a fun time to have a dry mer convention!

    Here's a frame grab from my video.

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    wow so cool thank you for sharing

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    video quality was great. "sturgeon park" a whole park dedicated to them is so neat! are those leaves down there? ooo!
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    Yes those are leaves. The video was shot by a another on a WI diving forum I'm on. The pic I got was kneeling in the water. I haven't had the chance to dive that site yet.


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