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Thread: shipping time to Germany / Europe

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    shipping time to Germany / Europe

    Hey there.

    I have a question concerning the delivery time to Germany, or generally to Europe. In June I ordered a top from ravens Mermaid Cave Summer Sale. I paid on 17th June. Tyler e-mailed me he will shipped my top next day.
    Since then I wait with anticipation to the parcel. Meanwhile, already 7 weeks have passed and I'm still waiting.

    Has anyone of you experience how long does such a supply of Raven to Europe? I have to say that I ordered often some things from US ebay. And the delivery took only 2 - 3 weeks.

    (I'm sorry for my bad english - I'm in "learing process" )

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    My average waiting time for US items was around 2-6 weeks.

    Usually when it takes longer, it's a custom problem.
    And by that I mean a german custom problem

    They're in desperate need of money and will stop almost anything to cash in on nowadays.
    (Although it was the same 20 years ago, at least if you ordered from Asia.)

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    That was my first thought, too. That's why I had asked the Customs Clearance last week. So far there is nothing arrived.


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