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Thread: Finfolk Productions Wait Time

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    If this is the case will the new fall
    Line be made out of the neoprin instead of neoprene? Wouldn’t it be unethical to keep selling the products with a false material? Especially since the web sight says neoprene?
    I brought it up with the twins right after the last sale and they said they'd be switching it. I can't confirm if that was done or not.

    For my monofin I found the finis rapid was too big. I switched to a foil but then you need to keep the screws in (you'll know what I mean when you get it)

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    Any news @Mermaidhunter ?

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    I emailed them about this issue and they said that all they could do is give a refund if it is in "new condition" or give me a 15% discount on the fall line :/ considering that shipping to Australia was almost $100 AUD and I have to pay for shipping back to get a refund thats not an option for me and I don't think i'm gonna buy another tail form them anytime soon...
    Is there anything else I can do?, I mean here in Australia you can return damaged items if they didn't meet the standards that they were required to meet and the retailer pays for the postage...
    is it the same in America?
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