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Thread: Finfolk Productions Wait Time

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    I just got a reply back from them, They way they do the shipping notification (and the way the bill looks like on that notification) they did combine it but it was not included on the notice (Thank Neptune I had a heart attack). Why they do it that way I have no idea, I am glad they got back to me so quick! I was stressing that it was shipped like that. *whew* But them shipping the tail now, is getting it ahead of promised time not behind! So they must have caught up! (Mystic). Yeaaaaaaaaa!

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    just how shopify works

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    Hi Everyone ! Do you know how much time does it takes to complete a silicone tail from A to Z ? And how much custom orders since they closed them do you think remain, just to have your thought ? Since i put my deposit back in september 2016 so 3+ years wait time.. I'm not mad, i am just wondering about what is happening

    Have a good day everyone !


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