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Thread: Finfolk Productions Wait Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by AniaR View Post
    I had asked them about yours just the other day when I checked in and they said they were working away on it, it was literally on their table when I asked.
    Hi AniaR..... well honestly, I know it has been on a table since April

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    Good luck to my fellow Rochester mer!
    ~Mermaid Tory~

    Formerly known as Tswan114

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Tory View Post
    Good luck to my fellow Rochester mer!
    Thanks Tory.......

    Just keep swimmin'
    Just keep swimmin'

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    I have been waiting since May 2015. Deposit paid and now September 2016 ! Nope nothing.

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    When was your tail ordered ?

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    Why dont they allow you a refund in your deposit. It's hard to go else where when they have your money

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meelak View Post
    When was your tail ordered ?
    March 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meelak View Post
    Why dont they allow you a refund in your deposit. It's hard to go else where when they have your money
    the whole point of the deposit is to hold your spot in line and cover part of the material costs. you'll be hard pressed to find a custom artisan who refunds deposits.

    Also, it's always kinda weird when someone joins mernetwork and their first posts are negative about a tail maker. We've had lots of competing companies in the past do that to try and make tail makers look bad. So be sure to introduce yourself in the introduction forum, and check out the rules and helpful threads etc

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    I've just read through this forum and it breaks my heart for you Mermaidhunter!

    I understand that rush orders and priority customers can push things back, along with circumstances; however at this point as a business I would be doing at least weekly updates to those customers who have been waiting unusually long.
    A simple update of "hey we got a little painting done" or "Sorry, we didn't make any progress this week" would be kind and polite.

    I hope you hear something soon and get more frequent updates.

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    Well I am in no rush again as the swimming and photo-shoot season is kinda over with up here

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    Skipped a month....... 32 months and counting.........

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    Thats just too long

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    I know it's a bit to wait, but I can promise you guys that they're working extremely long and hard on all of your tails. They love their business way too much to jeopardize their reputation by not following through on an order. The whole reason they worked extra to bring out their Mythic line was to be able to provide tails to people in a timely manner. They're still working on their current clients for sure. I'm not 100% on their process or what kind of tail detail you're wanting to get done, but they do take an extremely long time to create. Especially if they have a lot of clients, I could imagine the wait time to be a bit long. Hang in there! I'm sure you'll get it soon enough!

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    Mermaid Hunter - not long till you hit the three year mark. That's surely got to be a record...

    Have you had any explanation as to what's gone wrong?

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    I have heard that it was complete and ready to start painting.
    I have heard that they wanted to recast some fins because their technique has improved.
    I have heard that others have seen it and it is nearly complete...........

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    I don't remember if this was brought up, but would the size still fit you from the measurements you gave?

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    Well I did send updated measurements a year after my payment but nothing since.
    I have checked my measurements recently and so far I am stil good within a half inch or so.

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    Merry Christmas, month 33..........

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    Have they added you to basecamp? They posted an end of the year update about their goals for next year. So hopefully you'll hear something back within the next two months since you ordered yours before the date they posted.

    This may sound stupid, but have you emailed them recently? I know with the holidays it may take a while, but it's just a ridiculous long wait time =/

    Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and Happy all the other Holidays

    I really hope you hear something back. <3

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    No, not added to basecamp.
    We "talked" about a month ago and they were aiming for before Christmas........... nothingsince.

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy Hanukkah to you as well.....


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