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Thread: Love for Millie

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    Love for Millie

    Hi everyone.

    I'm posting on here because I know that this community has a lot of love to share, and I'm hoping to get it shared a little bit more.
    on the 25th of June this year my husband's cousin's little girl Millie, who is only 3 was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. She is going through chemotherapy, has lost all her hair, is being fed through a nasal tube and all the while keeping a smile on her face.
    It's not possible for us to see them and support them during all of this (they're in Scotland and we're in Australia) so I was hoping that I could get your help to send Millie some Mer-love and bubble kisses from anyone with a facebook page.
    I know everyone is busy but I hope you can make some time to send some love her way

    You can visit Millie's page here;

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    Oh she's gorgeous Elle, I'm so sorry to hear. I'll add a prayer for her.
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    Look at that smile, what a beautiful girl!

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    Rock on Millie! I believe in you.

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    I'll see what I can do!
    I hope to do a video and upload it on YouTube with some of our marine landscape so she will be free diving in Italy without moving from her bed and watch it every time she wants!
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    Damn cancer she's beautiful!

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    I went ahead a posted a little something on the page as my mermaid self. Hopefully it'll make her smile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Lorelei View Post
    I went ahead a posted a little something on the page as my mermaid self. Hopefully it'll make her smile.
    Me too!

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    I posted a message for Millie, too. This is just the kind of thing that, for me, makes mermaiding rewarding. Think of all the sick kids out there whose lives we can brighten with just a little mer attention. We should all do more of this!

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