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Thread: Perth Mermaids in the News

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    Perth Mermaids in the News

    Hi you lovely mers
    Jessica Pearl and I got interviewed for our mermaid business (Perth Mermaids) recently so I thought I would share it with you all. She also posted some nice photos, I hope you like

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    They're fantastic photos! Sounded like a really good interview too

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    How exciting! You two look stunning in the photos as well <3
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    Thanks guys. We actually talked heaps about ocean education and so on but I think it ended up being too much for the article. We talk a lot! Haha. Lovely to get our passion out to more people though and show how far we have come!
    *Happy Dance*

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    Yeah I do have to say I'm surprised how much she edited it down, there was a lot more we said but I guess they just wanted something short and sweet.

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    Short sweet and happy! Like a mermaid. Maybe not the short part! We are quite tall!

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    Awesome work

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    And the consequent awkward Reddit thread ......
    [URL][/ URL]

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    Ohhh my gosshhhhh that video!! The fishy swimming too, how gorgeous!
    The photos are wonderful, and it's a great article congrats girls I'm doing a happy dance with you! <3

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    Almost done making my first ​tail!!! -progress pictures at!-P-might-make-a-tail-tips&p=195098#post195098
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    I was so excited for you when I saw this in my newsfeed!

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