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Thread: Indoor Photoshoot ideas

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    Indoor Photoshoot ideas

    I'm not sure if there is already a forum ( if there is please let me know) for this but with the weather getting colder here in Northern Ny I can no longer do any photos outdoors and I have no available indoor pool, so I am looking for ideas and tips on doing something indoors!

    Do you have any tips on how to create backdrops in closed spaces? The biggest area I have is my living room and I have a big blank wall. Should I put up a big black cloth? Have you used or made any fun props? Any cool cloth or fabrics? I've seen someone use yarn I believe to create the illusion of water. I was thinking of making giant paper flowers too. Of course there's always fake plants.

    Hopefully others can get some good ideas for indoor shoots here as well so feel free to share your ideas, photos, or inspiration!
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    The last resort is always the bathtub scene! :-)

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    Oh Ariel Starfish took a really cute photo last Christmas of her in front of a Christmas tree in her tail and a santa hat.

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    Bathtub shots are always a go! It has a really nice effect if you scatter little decorations like shells and candles
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    You could always buy a blanket, length of fabric, or even a shower curtain with an underwater print on it to cover the wall/floor and pose either in front of or on it. A bunched up speckled grey blanket could also be used to turn furniture into rocks for sitting on. Or if you lie on your background you can pose like you're swimming.

    Indoor mermaid photos are on my list of reasons I am happy with my beige carpet. I can pretend it is sand.

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    I'm thinking a bubble machine could look cool. Or a mist machine and black background.
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    Ooh, yes, mist machine! I was seriously considering using one in a kiddy pool for Halloween.

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    I found this lovely mermaid who looks like she arranged a mix of fabrics to achieve this beautiful photo shoot. Sorry don't know who this is if you do let me know but I think it's actually all body paint. Also here's an example of the giant paper flowers for a prop idea.
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    I've always loved Twig's mermaid photos:

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    Just some netting and shells on a white backdrop can look beautiful.

    I remember seeing a few neat shots of other mers on here where they're sitting on treasure chests, or foam rocks with cellophane or blue fabric bunched on the floor to look like water. Sometimes a shot doesn't have to look realistic to be beautiful!

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    You can also make your own props, like cardboard/foam board waves and there are a lot of tutorials on making a laughing moon seat for photographers, add a solid background, or a sequin background and you can create something like this:

    (example of the waves alone below)

    Or play around with Lame (very shiny fabric) or some other type of shiny stuff, make some fake pillars and there ya go! something like the Katy Perry photoshoot

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    I'm doing a photo shoot in my bathtub.
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    I can't fit in my bathtub if I fold my legs under me. If I was flexible I would need to bring my legs over my body and lay on my tail

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    during the shoot today i found out a way to resurrect bubbles for the bubble bath after they go out. hot water.
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    Using dish soap (if it's safe for your tail) makes bubbles that last a lot longer than bubble bath. Takes longer to clean up, but if you need more durable bubbles, that would work. A little goes a long way.

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    I wish I had a nicer tub and a bigger bathroom to do this haha
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    well i ended up doing this.
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    I see someone hit up the halloween section haha. Did you get any shots with the lights with the water and candles as your light source?

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    no the candles and glowsticks proved difficult to work with as light sources. the existing light was from the backlight the photog provided :P

    also the dollar store was selling skulls for like 3 bucks., and a home outfitters store was closing down so everything including the candles were 30% off.
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    That is actually gorgeous.

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    thanks guys! ^^ there's a select few with a top on and a bunch of NSFW ones (actually topless) and a few topless pictures where i am covered modestly (if that makes sense?)
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