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Thread: Mermaid Cydney's Mermaid Tops

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    Mermaid Cydney's Mermaid Tops

    So, this fall I purchased a top from Mermaid Cydney because I did not have a wet top to wear in the water. I needed it super fast for a gig and she was very quick to respond. The top is made of two lion's paw shells and threaded together with thick rope. She has decorated the top with beads and shells in the same colour as my tail, and completely covered it with a type of varnish to protect it.

    I normally do not like the style of bathing suit tops that need you to tie around your neck, but this one was done really well so it stays up. You do need to tie it about an inch tighter than you normally would when swimming so it doesn't come too loose. Also, pasties. Protect your nipples! lol or learn the hard way like me. :\

    My very first use of Cyd's top was here:

    I actually swam around in the lake a lot and even climbed up on rocks with the top bumping against it and had no problems with the top at all! She leaves the strings extra long so you can adjust the top how you see fit.

    I cant remember exactly what I paid for it but it was VERY reasonable and she had the top to me lightning fast. It matched my tail so well considering she hadn't seen it in person, and I love the design so much.

    I recommend Cyd's tops and you can order from her here:

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    i love these tops! the sparkle but in the grooves look so pretty
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    Oh I love her tops so much, they are always so creative and beautiful. I know there are a bunch of people that have tried coping her style of shell tops but none of them really ever measure up to what she can do with some sea shells clue and sparkles.

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    Ahh I love Cydney's work I can't wait 'til she has time to make tops again, I've been nagging :P

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    she's taking orders now if you sign up!

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    Beautiful! She is so unique!

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    I also have a top from Mermaid Cydney! As AniaR stated, they are EXTREMELY well made. I've worn mine in the ocean a couple of times and all pieces are still secure on there. Her top is worth EVERY penny!

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    Thank you guys for all the kind words! I really really appreciate it and enjoy doing them. Taking more orders now, thank you Raina for letting everyone know!

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