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Thread: Alexandria Design's Review

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    Alexandria Design's Review

    I am writing this review for Alexandria Designs. Lexi is the person who introduced me to mer.yuku. You can find her website here:

    Lexi made me a lot of mermaid accessories and my dry top. I am always being asked where they came from and where people can buy mermaid crowns! Well she is the lady!

    Lexi made me this belt for when I wear my tail dry:

    It's beautiful and hides the seam on my tail perfectly. It's filled with little stones and shells, and clasps with two strong clasps on the side. She made this only from photo reference for my tail.

    She also made all the things you see on top of my tail in this photo:

    She made me the dry top matching the colours perfectly, two mermaid crowns made from doubled hair bands, a beautiful starfish dry necklace, and a white water lilly hair clip. She put a lot of details into the pieces and I've used them non stop for almost 2 years now!

    Lexi is venturing into mermaid tails. Currently she sells dry costume ones and they are stunning. I really recommend buying from her.

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    Those are lovely pieces. :3 I may have the chance to meet her sometime this year, actually. I'm rather excited to meet my first other mersister!
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