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Thread: Cosplay Fabrics coming to local JoAnn's stores!

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    Cosplay Fabrics coming to local JoAnn's stores!

    This is great news considering they specifically mention 4 way stretch spandex. I hope there's a surge of new and creative tails soon!

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    This is exciting! Good move on their part, cosplay is quickly growing into a huge industry
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    As both a Mer and a Cosplayer I am happy to see that Joanne's is getting more fabric for cosplay/costuming. I live near a big Joanne's and they it is like a "good luck to you" search to find anything near what I want. I typically have to dye it if it isn't the right color. Or I have to go up to DownTown LA fashion district (both fun to walk to but awful because its HUGE) and hunt for what I need.

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    Oh my goodness I am so excited about this. I'm with Ashton. My Joanne's is kinda of a toss of for weather they will have what I need when costuming. And as much as I love the fashion district in LA, that is just too long of a drive for me most of the time. Especially when I only need a small cut of one fabric... really not worth the trip at that point. I absolutely can't wait for spring now!

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    this....this is simply wonderful. WOOHOOO!!
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    There are photos available on this website: (scroll down a bit)
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    Please be aware though: a lot of the iridescent scale fabrics are DRY CLEAN ONLY DO NOT WASH fabrics, which make them unsuitable for anything but land tails.

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