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Thread: Armored Little Mermaid Cosplay

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    Armored Little Mermaid Cosplay

    Hi guys! I made an Armored Little Mermaid cosplay for my last con, but alas my wig didn't come in on time. I didn't want to get a new one, so I just went sans wig. I'll definitely rewear this cosplay with the wig, but that's why I have no red hair in these photos.

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    I got a lot of Mera & Aquaman (I did use a whole lot of green & gold) but I still had a lot of fun wearing it! I also just started rolling with the Mera references xD I'll post a few more pics later, the computer I'm writing this on isn't equipped (yet) to resize my massive photos, haha.

    Hope you enjoy <3 If you want to see more, here's my cosplay page.
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    Freaking awesome! You're very talented

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    That is so flipping. Pretty. I want to marry you. Or at least stare at your pictures. Because WOW. Perfectly disneyXbadass

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    That looks amazing! What is the armour made from?
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    Holy mother of fishcake !!!
    how did you get that to be so detailed??
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    Aw, thanks so much everyone!! <3 <3

    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Leina View Post
    That looks amazing! What is the armour made from?
    Most of it is craft foam sandwiched between Wonderflex. The really 3D detailing is Wonderflex over EVA foam, as is pretty much the entire pauldron (though the pauldron base has no Wonderflex on it).

    Quote Originally Posted by SeaGlass Siren View Post
    Holy mother of fishcake !!!
    how did you get that to be so detailed??
    Besides the bracers, I actually regarded this one to be a relatively less-detailed one haha! But a lot of patience, lots of pieces of foam and wonderflex, and tedious painting.
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    That is awesome, even without the wig.

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    Thank you!

    Also, I took a handful of WIP pics, would that be of interest to anyone?
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    Yes! Post the WIPs! That costume is wonderful!

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    Yes please
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    This is just perfect! 😍
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    As a fellow cosplayer I can really appreciate that breast plate and all your amazing armor! THAT is AMAZING! love it!

    Did you use Worbla?

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    Are those scaled tights???

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    Wow, that is absolutely stunning, i love love love it! Wow!

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    super cute. A girl in my city did something similar!

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    Wicked cool! Well done! You ROCKED IT!
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    Holy mother of pearl, I ghosted for an entire year ;_; Sorry to revive an old thread, but I feel compelled to answer these questions haha.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashton View Post
    As a fellow cosplayer I can really appreciate that breast plate and all your amazing armor! THAT is AMAZING! love it!

    Did you use Worbla?
    Thank you!! I used Wonderflex for this armor, but I recently changed over to using primarily Worbla (partially cause I can buy it locally, and because the adhesive is stronger imo).

    Quote Originally Posted by evan_alexanderr View Post
    Are those scaled tights???
    Yes! I bought those tights though
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    Aaaand the WIP photos from this armor set, which I had conveniently tiled at some point apparently. Armor was made of Wonderflex, craft foam, and EVA foam. All of it was sealed/smoothed with wood glue and primed black before painting (I prime anything metallic black underneath). Hope this awkwardly late set of WIP photos is helpful to someone

    Edit: The seashells of the top was from a foam seashell top I bought from Amazon.

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    Awesome! I actually wanted to do a similar cosplay for King Triton about three years ago but have absolutely no skill for these kinds of things.
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