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Thread: Need to Migrate~

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    Unhappy Need to Migrate~

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I am already tired of winter. I know it hasn't been terribly cold yet, and we had a pretty long summer...but I want to go swimming, out in the SUN.
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    Come visit Hawaii! There's a lot of mers here
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    Its summer here in Australia.
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    It only gets sort of cold during December and January here in the Houston area. And it never snows. You just have to deal with the blazing hot and humid summers here.

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    Way, way too far from the ocean. :(
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    We had a summer full of 120°F days, which basically meant hibernate or fry, so, I'm totally psyched for some chilly weather. I will even swim in this weather, because I don't get sunburned, and now I can finally play outside again. Although, there's still no beach in AZ. I'd migrate to the coast in an instant.

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    I'm glad the weather hasn't been too cold where I live, but it's created enough of a chill factor that trying to use the outdoor wave pool is a big NOPE. Although, college has been keeping me really busy... so I've only had a chance to go swimming once the past several months...

    Warmer swimming weather would be much appreciated!

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    HahahahahHA!!! I live in the Willamette Valley in the Great Northwest.

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    The pool at my gym is open year round.
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    I'm sure that an outdoor pool exists somewhere in the Denver metro area, but hell if I know where. Indoor swimming year-round :T


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