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Thread: Mermaid wedding

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    ^ i like that idea. why the hell didnt i do that.
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    I had brief thoughts of doing a mermaid wedding, but I switched to getting married on land in an aquarium for logistical reasons. My hubby and I may do a vow renewal as merfolk though, somewhere down the line.
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    I'm extra. i want to do vow renewal on the beach or at disneyworld.
    The SeaGlass Siren

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    I love Weddings! I have worked in the wedding industry for a lifetime on land as a Event and Floral Stylist!!! Have fun planning your wedding day!!! I have done many many beach themed weddings. My husband and I were married on the sand of Daytona Beach and jumped in a pool after it was a hot day and why not...anyway would have been awesome to have a white tail to slip into....just saying! Swim Sip Drink Champagne and Reggae the night away (: Limbo with the Guest!

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    Well you could always do an "Ariel" and start the ceremony as a Mermaid, come out of the water, then when you get kissed you lose your legs and become a land person for the rest of the wedding?

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