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Thread: Mermaid MMORPGs

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    Mermaid MMORPGs

    There are many mermaid games out there, mostly dress-up, some also with chat functions and a world to explore.
    The reasons why one would like to play as a mermaid are manifold:
    maybe you're landbound, you don't get enough "real mer"-time, you want to interact with other mers, or you simply feel like it in the evenings!

    I'd like to make a list here of Mermaid MMORPGs which provide the following:

    -fully explorable, virtual 3D world with realistic graphics
    -customizable avatars; mermaid form available
    -interaction with other players

    To my knowledge, there are at the moment 2 games in existence providing this.
    I'm going to briefly describe them so people can decide whether to try them out.

    I'm not including games like IMVU (which offers merely a chat funtion as interaction),
    Gaia Online (which has anime-themed 2D graphics) or the SIMS Island expac (which is single player).

    The list can be added to by everyone.
    Discussion about the games in question is welcome!

    So here goes.
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    Perfect World

    PW is a classic fantasy MMORPG with elements of Chinese mythology and philosophy.

    It offers a rich, beautiful world, many races and classes, quests, mounts, normal or aerial combat (everyone can fly from level 10 on) and loads of possible player interaction and functions.
    Bonus: the character customization is one of the best out there.
    The mermaid race are the Tideborn.
    Full access to the mermaid form is unlocked at level 9.

    Name:  tideformcoll.jpg
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    PW is free-to-play, but also pay-to-win, meaning you can only access certain parts of the game if you pay, and paying players will get massive advantages over free players.

    The mermaid form is not customizable, which is a shame.
    It also overrides your avatar's physique, meaning your face, hair etc will vanish and be replaced by the generic mermaid form seen on the pictures above, which is imo incredibly lame (the males get a blue tail).
    There's probably the option to buy a customized mermaid form somewhere in the boutique for real money, but I'm not sure.

    Here's a peek at the Tideborn wings, which were probably modelled after a deepsea jellyfish:
    Name:  tideflight.jpg
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    they're translucent and slightly glowing. Very nice touch.
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    Second Life

    SL is a virtual world with almost complete freedom regarding customization of everything you see, including the world if you decide to rent a piece of land.
    It's the perfect place for creative minds, artists, builders, fashionistas, and many others as you can create anything you like and then use it (needs a decent image manipulation program).

    Residents have created a plethora of things already, so you can also explore and live in this world if you're not into creation yourself.
    There are many underwater regions, a mermaid community, and limitless options to buy or create mermaid looks.
    You can access many of those for free, but if you invest a small sum of money, you can probably deck yourself out in really good stuff.
    You can also look for a job in SL if you don't want to use real money.

    SL basic is free to play.
    To rent a SIM (piece of land), you will have to invest real money though.

    You can have a look at SL mers in the following threads on here:

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    Wow, thanks for sharing that, I did not even know about these existing!
    I will definitely check them out!

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    You're very welcome!

    I will update the list when another MMO featuring an aquatic race comes out, or an existing game decides to add one.

    Been waiting for WoW to make Naga playable for a decade now, but every expac, they add yet another silly gimmick race I despise

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    Thanks for sharing! I know of Second Life but not of Perfect World! A lot of people I know use Second Life. I downloaded it and made an account but never really got into it myself. It would be really cool to make a mermaid-based virtual space with highly customizable avatars. If I'm skilled with programming and ambitious enough one day, maybe I'll work on something!

    On a similar note, I've been playing Fallout 4 and I just got the "Aquawoman/man" perk. It lets me breathe underwater and not be affected by radiation in the water -- SO GOOD!! I spend a good thirty minutes exploring a river.

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    Echidna, me too! I want the naga race too in WoW. I liked the Dranei too, but I want to play a naga as well. Maybe they should make a reversed roles version of WoW :P
    Your imagination is your only limit

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    Mermaid games have gained popularity, offering various interactive experiences. While dress-up games are common, there are some with chat functions and virtual worlds to explore, providing immersive gameplay. Additionally, I prefer to play Mortal Kombat online for free on, where they offer a diverse collection of games. You can also find NBA, Harry Potter, pokemon games and so on.

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    Exploring the depths of virtual oceans has never been more captivating thanks to the emergence of mermaid-themed MMORPGs. Among the pioneers are "Mermaid World" and "Merfolk Universe," both offering fully immersive 3D worlds with stunning graphics. Players can craft unique mermaid avatars and engage in meaningful interactions with fellow gamers, fulfilling the dream of underwater camaraderie. As the community grows, the list is bound to expand, welcoming more enthusiasts to join this enchanting digital realm. And for those seeking excitement beyond the sea, there's a parallel universe where weekend warriors mma enthusiasts gather, adding yet another layer to the diverse gaming landscape.

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