I was offered a gig at the Michigan Renaissance Festival as a Guest Mermaid, and needed a realistic tail quick. I have always admired Erics work, and knew he rented full silicone tails. I knew I didnt have enough time to order a custom tail, so I figured I would rent one. little did I know that Eric sold lightly used silicone tails at discount
I currently own a used full silicone tail. I emailed Eric and he gave me my options of tails that were within my color preference and size range, I just feel in love with this one

When I initially contacted Eric, he was prompt to respond and incredibly helpful. he provided photos and often replied within minutes of receiving my emails. There was a slight problem with payment (it was initially declined by my bank as a suspected fraud purchase) and he called me immidiately to let me know about the issue. Similarly, he was happy to provide information and advice about which lubricant to use, cleaning advice and repair tips.

I needed the tail immidiately, and Mertailor was happy to overnight the tail to me. He provided a picture of the box with the shipment sticker and sent me the link to the UPS site with a tracking number so that I could track the package. When I recieved the tail it was in an enormous box filled with packing peanuts. the tail was wrapped in plastic and in perfect condition. Eric provides a tail care sheet with the purchase.

Quality of Tail
I could not be happier about the quality of the tail. because I bought a used tail, there are some superficial flaws on it. Eric made me aware of these before I bought the tail. he also gave me advice on how to fix the small flaws myself. the silicone is very tough and reinforced. the paint is BEAUTIFUL!! although the colors are not something I would have picked myself, I'm thrilled with it! I'm almost happier I didnt design it, because I am in love with the paint job. Eric is truely an artist. the tail fits like a second skin with no gapping and does not cut of my circulation. There was a learning curve on how to put it on, took me an hour the first time, now it only takes about 15 minutes. it swims wonderfully and looks very natural in the water. It is almost so tight that it keeps water out!

I could not be happier with my decision to purchase a tail from the Mertailor. It is stunning, kids think its real and I have recieved so many compliments on it! I cannot wait to have the money for tail number 2! I am currently looking into purchasing a silicone top from Mertailor!