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Thread: Any Viking mers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphina Suds View Post
    Wasn't there a Freya or Freja on here for a while?

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    That's me
    I'm still here, but have been lurking due to being insanely busy (and the Holidays, which I'm thankful are over).
    A large portion of my family is Scandinavian, but even though I grew up in the Northwest of the US, I've always identified as Viking. So it was natural for me to apply this to my mersona. And I do swim in cold water with little difficulty, while my friends cringe on the shore
    I'm pleased to meet you Rivermaid <3 It's nice to see fellow Viking mers here.

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    Those photos are awesome Julianne!

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    Thank you Adalira! It was a lot of fun to shoot. If any of you guys end up doing a viking shoot, I love to see the photos.
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    I am half Russian and also half Icelandic/Norwegian. I speak Icelandic well too. Skal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imbrielle View Post
    I am half Russian and also half Icelandic/Norwegian. I speak Icelandic well too. Skal!
    that's really cool, Icelandic is a beautiful language and very few can speak it!

    I'm sort of tempted to do a Viking mer photoshoot in the snowstorm outside, but people would probably be up in arms about it if I wore that horned helmet

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    I admit that I will. And my Scandinavian husband does also. Because it is historically inaccurate and a little stereotype. But I promise not to complain at you haha. I think the Viking mermaid winter shoot is a really cool idea

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    My merwrangler has Viking heritage and wanna know something crazy? His family crest has a mermaid!

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    well, i got my mermaid name, Memory, from the english translation of one of Odins ravens, Muninn. in fact, i was thinking about going by both names depending on the situation!

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    I have kind of a crazy heritage. My mom's family goes back to a lot of places in Eastern Europe, mainly Poland and Russia, though I'm not sure if I have any Scandinavian in me. I have a friend from camp, though who's a second generation Swedish immigrant. My dad's side has been in the US for a long time, but if you trace it all the way back, and it's pretty evident from my last name, I have mainly English and Scottish in me. Not sure if any of my ancestors were vikings, as I haven't traced that far back, but I do love Norse mythology.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Echidna View Post
    I'm sort of tempted to do a Viking mer photoshoot in the snowstorm outside, but people would probably be up in arms about it if I wore that horned helmet
    As far as I know this is not correct - viking helmets don't have horns (at least not the historical ones).
    An example:

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    Whooo! Glad to see this. I'm pretty much Irish and Scandinavian descent completely (A few other things thrown in waaaaay far back, but other things account for maybe 10 percent of my ancestry all told-- three percent Cherokee, a smattering of ancestry from Wales and Scotland) and love to explore my family history. In fact, pretty sure my Irish roots are also Norse based on what I know of my family. I'm also average height for a Nordic woman (back in the day) at 5'2" (5'1.6" but close enough).

    While my gold look is just drawn from fantasy, my red look is heavily Norse inspired, and I like to say she's a Volva. Name:  RedMer.jpg
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    I suppose I count, since I'm from Finland. I can trace one line of my ancestry back to a 16th century farmer who lived not far from where we live now, and knowing how people tended not to relocate too far before that, it's probably a safe bet to say that at least some of my ancestors have lived here for millenia. :P I live on the western coast, and the area has traces of settlements dating back over three thousand years, so it was definately inhabited during the Finnish viking age (800-1025). They've found jewellery and old swords and ancient burial grounds here, we did plenty of school trips there back in the day. I also find the Finnish pre-christian mythology and beliefs interesting, although they are less well known than the Norwegian and Swedish ones. We had some influence from both west and east in our folklore, so it's an interesting mix. From what I gather, we did have some of the Norse gods, possibly with different names, and then some stuff that was more unique.

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    I am a mer that grew up in Northern Michigan and swimming in the coldest lake in the world and have Finnish ancestory. Not sure if I have any viking ancestors but I love Norse Mythology and find Asatru very fasinating. Currently bouncing around Oregon.

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    A little late to the party but I follow the old gods!

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