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Thread: My MerNation Review!

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    My MerNation Review!

    Hey everybody! I got my tail!!! So here is my review!

    I started the process on December 10th. I had finally earned enough money for a top and tail, so I started to dig through reviews and look at all of the companies to decide who I wanted to go with. I knew I didn't want to wait years, so I narrowed it down to Siren Studios or MerNation. I drew up some sketches, then contacted each tail maker before finally picking MerNation.

    I loved the Khaleesi tail, and though I was nervous about the color details I decided to pull the trigger and contacted MerNation. I got a response back almost immidiatly. We exchanged ideas, talked about colors, hashed out details and within a week I met up with one of their employees who made a duct tape mold of my legs in a parking lot by my house LOL. It was very funny.

    After that, the process went super fast. They had the tail assembled within the week and started painting on the weekend. I got constant updates nearly every day. I had wanted white for my tail at first but after talking to a few people decided to go with teal and purple. She colored in a sketch for me to see what she was thinking then sent me examples. she added iridescent powder to the paints so it changes color in the sun. I also discovered a tail in the background of a picture of a fin she was showing me that had nearly the exact colors I wanted. I remember thinking it was mine and when I pointed it out she was surprised and told me it was one of the tails they use for gigs but if I liked it she would use it as inspiration. I loved it!

    After that everything flew by! She sent me pictures as she was painting, then pictures of the finished product before we arranged to meet for the pick up!

    We went out this morning December 22nd and picked up my tail!

    Price: $2,680 for the tail, (give or take a few dollars)
    $180.00 for the top.

    No delivery charge since I picked it up in person.

    So Customer service: Amazing!!! I cannot say enough about them. Seriously? I was apprehensive but they held my hand through every step and made it so much fun! I LOVE that they seemed as excited about my tail as I was. It was so wonderful. I felt like I was talking to an old friend and not a company rep. It was so nice.

    Wait time: like none? LOL I ordered the tail. They started on it immidiatly. It took them 12 days to make it and that was including a bad weather day that kept them from painting.

    Quality: Platinum cured DragonScale Silicon. Finis Rapid. The tail is thick. It weighs about 30 pounds if I'm not mistaken. You couldn't accidentally stick a finger through this if you tried.

    Issues: The tail is gorgeous and once I got the hang of the lotion smearing, grip, pull and wriggle I got it on pretty easily. The monofin is a whole other issue. My feet were to big for the smaller, but a bit to small for this one. The straps kept slipping off my heels. I need to get booties then I think it will be perfect.

    in conclusion, I HIGHLY recommend MerNation. They were amazing, the tail is beautiful, it swims like a dream. I have No complaints.

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    I'm impressed that mernation is upping their sculpting skills, I like what they are going into and their new painting.
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    Omg, I really love this <3
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    geez, it was finished within the same month??? * 0 * that is amazing! congratulations!!!!! it is very beautiful ^_^ They really have come such a long way, it's so rare to find a tail-maker that is quick, good customer service, and great product all in one ^__^

    (although I'm sure having about 4 people instead of 1 or 2 probably helps a lot.)
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    Actually I think it's just two of them now because One of them moved, or went off to school or something along those lines. They were fast and the tail photographs like a dream! I can't wait to get some pro pics done with it.

    I was in a hurry when I wrote the review so I will add a few things town here.

    The top is a 36 D. I usually wear a C or D but went with the D because I would rather it be a bit big then to small, boy a I glad I did that. Because of the silicon the top doesn't stretch a whole lot so the girls are a tad smushed LOL. I am still losing weight so I expect it will be fine in the long run. The straps are removable. I feel a bit like a super hero in it LOL. It does stay put When I dove in a few times, which was nice.

    I scrapped the tail against the edges and bottom of the pool a few times and I was scared to death I ruined it, but upon checking I didn't see a single nick or scrape.

    I made it high waisted so I could cover my pudge. They put extra layers of silicon around the top to make it finger proof when hauling it up. They said if I wanted to cut it down so it sits lower that I could take off a row of scales at a time. I think however I am going to leave it.

    The paint job is beautiful. I wanted a lot of fades, teal into purple into turquoise and they nailed it. I didn't realize it would match the pool water so perfectly LOL. The dark outline around the whole tail however makes it really pop.

    It is perfect. Honestly, I don't have a bad thing to say!

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