So, I did something similar to this on another forum and decided, hey, why not bring it here?

So in short, each day will have a challenge for you to complete, for seven days. You can start whenever you want, but you need to do it all in a row.


Day 1: Swim! At a pool, beach, lake, anywhere, with or without a tail!

Day 2: Watch a mermaid movie

Day 3: Draw something mer-related. Even just a doodle is good!

Day 4: Have a look at tails you like online, an make yourself a wishlist.

Day 5: This one's simple, really. Just take five minutes out of your day to think about merfolk, the ocean, our environment, and what merfolk represent.

Day 6: Try and write a short story about mers.

Day 7: Find an old household object, and repurpose it into something mer-related!


So, that's the seven day challenge! If you enjoy doing this, I might create a thirty day challenge, the same as this one, but, of course, with extra days. Let me know what you think!

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