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Thread: Dive Pirates Annual Ball

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    Dive Pirates Annual Ball

    The Dive Pirates Foundation is having their annual Pirate's Ball in Houston on February 17. If anyone is interested in going, or in volunteering, check their website at
    If you're not familiar with the Dive Pirates, they are devoted to making scuba diving possible for people with disabilities, including disabled veterans. You do not have to be dive certified to volunteer, just a warm body!

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    Oh wow, that's a really cool cause. Thanks for posting that. You might want to post it to the Pod of Texas facebook group too.

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    I also found out there will be a silent auction that volunteers are allowed to bid in. Just throwing out my bait in case anyone in the Houston area is interested.

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    I'll talk to family
    Hugs, fishes, and mermaid kisses!

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    So, the gala was on Friday. The volunteers were kept busy handling payments and delivering auction items to the winners - they were so short-handed that they trusted me to learn to use the credit card machine! (Such power!!!) It occurred to me as I ran a charge for $12,500 that the live auction was not for the faint of heart, but it was all for a good cause. I got to meet several of the adaptive divers. One man in particular really made an impression on me. He's been in a wheelchair his entire life, has never been able to stand, but has dived Cozumel, the Caymans and a handful of places in the Pacific. I can't wait to go back and volunteer next year!
    - Loren Eisley


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