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Thread: Denver Aquarium Mermaids

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    Ah thank you. That's good to know! Do you also feel that it's because they are looking for a specific look?

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    No, it's because they don't pay very well and most aquariums don't really respect or want mermaids lol. They do it as a draw to bring people in, and typically hire existing aquarium staff so they can pay them less. A friend of mine works there and works there as a person and a mermaid and I think she's fairly diverse looking.

    But this is fairly standard across most aquariums. some don't pay at all (Last I heard Ripley's stopped paying mers but allows you to use their logos for "exposure") and more often than not if you see a mer in an aquarium, they've PAID to do it. There's a few threads on this.

    It doesn't hurt to try, it's just not the prestigious thing everyone thinks it is. The mers I know who work in aquariums are some top notch women tho I will say that!

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    I'm glad that's the reason, and not only aesthetic reasons! Does your friend feel the aquarium does a good job taking care of the animals? That is what I truly care about, and I like that their show is aimed to teach children to keep the ocean clean. If I ever got the opportunity I would want to continue that into meet and greets. I even offered to volunteer! It really would be to teach kids and be around the animals and get to swim. I appreciate the encouragement, maybe after some practice (and some weight loss!) I will give it a try.

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    it sounds like your heart is in the right place and you'd be a good fit, it's just that dozens and dozens of mermaids come to them for the same thing!

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    Yeah. :/ You're right.

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    I asked them once in person the requirements for hiring and was told this by the trainer.

    You have to have a free diving license.
    You have to be the right size to fit in their tails (which are now MerNation tails).
    You cannot have any tattoos.

    There might be more requirements, and that was about four years ago, but that's what I was told. I was out because I have tattoos and the freediving license is expensive.

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    many aquariums want scuba too

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    Thank you - that's good to know! I wonder if they will allow the use of your own tail if it has never been used before (so you don't have to worry about cross-contamination with the aquarium). I also noticed that the mermaids do not wear makeup - I think that would add a lot, especially to dry mermaids that meet people, but I am sure there are concerns there too. Animals first!

    I was just looking into getting scuba/freediver certified - it's something my husband and I both want to do and there's no time like the present!

    Does anyone else have any experience/insight? What is it like behind the scenes of the aquarium? Are the animals properly cared for?
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