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Thread: ✼ The Official Wig and Hair Extensions Thread ✼

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    Styling wigs isn't actually too hard depending on what kind of look you're trying to achieve, if that were something , but it does take some time and practice. I wish I had as many mermaid tails as I do wigs though, haha!

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    I've been shopping around for a wig for mermaiding since my own hair gets a dull and unimpressive color in the water. I'm noticing that a lot of wigs are made for heads that are 22-24" around, but my head is a whopping 27". I guess it's safe to assume that the problem gets worse when I tuck all of my hair up into a wig cap. (I keep it long.) I'm not sure where to look for a decent quality synthetic wig that isn't sold in a one size fits small.

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