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Thread: The Swim school on TV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Jaffa View Post
    Its a copycat Finis fin. I've seen them on aliexpress and alibaba, when I searched, "teen monofin"

    Its very stinky that the swimming video shows other people in their tails, but not her tails. I mean, if it were your business, wouldn't you want to show off your tails at the pool?

    And what's with there being 51 backers but lower down, it says, "0" backers. Can you fake backers??

    I'm kinda sad, with it overall, how she tries to go about her business. They are a very beautiful line of fabric tails. I would've added it to my collection but now that I know all this, I would feel like I was being ripped.
    Not to mention one of the photos is obviously a finfun mermaidens purple tail!!! Like ummm

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    Quote Originally Posted by breezy588 View Post
    I'm new to the mernetwork community and wow, I've never wanted to leave somewhere so fast as reading this bullying forum! Is there no moderation here?

    It is one thing to have a discussion about something that is wrong and upsetting, but attacking people's character? It shows more about your character than theirs. This discussion is not constructive, it's just catty bullying and harassment.

    The mer community should be better at supporting each other than the rest of the world, but these responses show otherwise, going on and on with hatred and disrespect....
    What she did was wrong and apparently she still is continuing to do this. It's not okay to steal content, claim content as your own when it isn't, and be a general bad apple to the rest of the mermaiding community.

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    An interesting discussion, imagine, I'm about to graduate from university but have not learned to swim. This is more likely from the lack of free time for classes at the swimming school. I plan to resolve this issue soon, as other students and I are planning to celebrate graduation on the beach and for my safety, I'd better learn how to swim. I found on a review of one of the services that could take on some of my writing assignments to free up time for learning to swim. Wish me luck on this.
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