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Thread: Did anyone else get a refund?

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    Did anyone else get a refund?

    I know I managed to annoy the guy into giving me a refund but what about everyone else? What is your current status with regards to Jesse?
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    He's long since stopped replying to me, I've given up on getting anything back. I know most here are upset and are demanding money back, but I knew someone who basically once did this to people on eBay (selling PlayStations he didn't have), I considered him a friend at a point... Immediately dropped him as a "friend".

    It was $675 I lost from him (pre-paid shipping), which for me is a months rent. At least it wasn't more. I know he's never going to be able to pay it back, and I'm not mad. I feel sorry for him. He did this to himself, any reputation he had as a good guy and a decent tail-maker is, in my opinion, down the drain. I even told him of my concern of this exact situation because of the above "friend" with the non-existent PlayStations.


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