Just in case somebody missed it we have created a new Facebook group dedicated to the merfolk meet up in Busselton WA. "Mercon Australia" will be the first Australian nation wide merfolk convention to be held 25th -27th of November 2016. We currently have a loose itinerary of activities which can be viewed on the pinned post. We do have some other activities planned but not yet confirmed so please be aware this itinerary may change. Some of the activities we have currently planned take advantage of the location and the natural beauty of Busselton's white Sandy beaches and two kilometer Jetty. Please be aware that the old facebook group "merquest" will eventually be deleted as to avoid confusion. If you have any questions I urge you look at the information on the facebook group first as that is where we will doing most of our communication. You can comment on here but I can't guarantee I will get back to you in a timely fashion

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