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Thread: Mercon Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asvel View Post
    Yeah, I made a request to join the facebook group, just waiting on that to be approved now. (Or declined, I guess.)
    What's your name on Facebook?
    We only decline people if they have no evidence of being a mermaid, we have had so many creepers trying to join so we checkout everyone's pages.
    Its important to keep everyone safe.
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    The inaugural Australian Merfolk convention happened last weekend. Merfolk from all over Australia came together, many meeting each other for the first time. It was particular special to meet mers I have been talking to online in person and being able to give them a hug. The organizers of Mercon, Fifi, Jessica pearl and myself, would like to thank all the mers who made the journey to Busselton WA. None of us quite knew how it was going to play out but with almost everyone in our group being a team player, we had a magical weekend. Mercon will go ahead again in 2017, details of when and where are still being discussed. If you are interested in coming to our 2017 event please check out the Mercon Australia group on facebook. Photos from Mercon 2016 can be found on our Instagram @merconaustralia.

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    Mercon Australia 2016 was a very lovely event. if you want to find out more feel free to read my blog article here:

    I hope to meet many new mers at Mercon 2017 <3

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    So excited for Mercon 2017! It's coming up so quickly!
    ~Mermaid Salacia~
    Sea Witch of South Australia

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    is there gonna be a mercon 2018? and how many people usually attend?

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    There will be a mercon 2018, this time in NSW. It's best to join the facebook group for updates.

    I can't recall official numbers but maybe 25 last year? It grows each year but is so much fun.
    ~Mermaid Salacia~
    Sea Witch of South Australia

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    Mercon will be back back back again in 2019 - this time in ADELAIDE!

    As always, the facebook group is your number 1 go to but we now also have a website!!!
    check it out for details!
    ~Mermaid Salacia~
    Sea Witch of South Australia


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