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Thread: Business Wetsuits

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    Business Wetsuits

    OK- this is cool. The Quicksilver Wetsuits company of Japan has started making business suits out of neoprene. They call the line True Wetsuits (

    They have suit jackets & trousers, IBM-style white men's shirts made out of a hydrophobic fabrics, neoprene ties. Perfect if you want to express your inner salaryman (or salarywoman) in the water.

    They even make a tux top

    But seriously, you could may do some cool cosplay where you are a business merman (or corporate mermaid) with a crisp dress shirt with jacket & tie on top, and a tail on the bottom. Maybe a formal black neoprene tail with the tux outfit . . . Just a thought
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    Haha the Japanese can get away with this but most surfers would consider this a "kook of the day" look (known from Instagram parody account @kookoftheday who makes fun of surfers who try too hard to look cool, esp ones that wear their wetsuit all day and get "yeasty"). Fun fashion concept but not very practical for surfing at least.

    For mermaiding tho anything goes! I picture an underwater mermaid black tie ball!
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    Ha ha, the Japanese have never let dorkiness stop them from inventing stuff.

    How about the onsie for your toddler that lets them clean the floor while they crawl around

    Now how about a mermaid onesie for bigger people that lets them clean the pool while they swim around?
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    I don't know about anybody else, but I want a swimmable merman suit!

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    The business suit would great if one were having a underwater or mermaid wedding!
    Or a wedding on the ski fields. Neoprene keeps you warm and cosy. And you look fashionable without looking like the michelin man.
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    Omigosh, imagine a crisp, black and white tail design inspired by penguin colouring, paired with the tux top and bow tie!

    You'd be an adorable antarctic mer!
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    Looks nifty!

    I wonder why there isn't a suit that makes you look like a mermaid/man from head to toe.
    Or like a seamonster.
    So many possibilities.
    And you'd think that more suitable for diving and swimming

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    My boyfriend got a new surfing wetsuit and I want to take his old black one and paint the batman logo on it!
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    Ha ha, better hope this guy doesn't come after you

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    I have seen a surfer santa suit, a business wetsuit really doesn't phase me as much as other things do... haha, plus I think it looks cool


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