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Thread: Top makers / materials ??

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    Top makers / materials ??

    You would think being in hawaii that top materials would be easy to find !! However I cant find much :/ are there any top makers yall know of on island or off other than the big names like merbella/mertailor/finfolk ?

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    I make shell, fabric, and faux greenery tops. Mermaid Jessica and Mermaid Cyanea make silicone tops. To name a few.
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    I make tops as well just check out
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    We from the Mertails make shell, fabric and silicone tops.

    If you want to have a look at our Facebook page you can find pictures of our previous works and the official listing (available only from PC and tablet)
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    Im working on making rave bra-like tops, so lotsa sparkles. Still on my second one. I posted my first one in the show off your tops page.

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    You're in Hawaii???? Do I know you?? :3
    Have you checked out the Ben Franklin craft stores?
    Coradian might also be interested in taking commissions - he can work with silicone.
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