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Thread: Arizona Meetup

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    Arizona Meetup

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    Hi mers!

    The AZ merpod is now voting for where our summer 2016 meetup/photo and video shoot will be at! The goal is to send some mers home with professional photos (we have a professional photographer volunteering her time for free to get photos and videos of us and I will also be putting my photography skills to use when I have time)

    The options are:

    Fossil Creek
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    Grasshopper point

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    and Wet Beaver Creek
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    You don't have to live in AZ to join the facebook group ( Just have to live around AZ. So anyone willing to travel are more than welcome to vote on the meeting place! Join the group and the poll is pinned to the top of the page.

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    I closed the poll and the location will be Fossil creek! Fossil creak is beautiful!

    We're now voting on the date of the meetup.

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    Amazing!! I'm in southeast utah right now but I would LOVE to come to a meet up. I sent a request to join the fb group (through my normal facebook rather than my mermaid one though), Fossil Creek looks BEAUTIFUL.
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    We've moved the meet up to next year because a lot of our pod members are waiting on new tails that wouldn't be to them until fall or so.

    It'll still be at the same location though I'm going to see if I can find some cabins to rent nearby.
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