Hello all, I am not sure this is where to post this but I thought I could try and if it's not appropriate please direct me to the right forum.

Last year the N.W. pod visited with a little five year old girl as a last wish request from her family. She has a heart condition that is terminal. She loves mermaids! We surprised her with a swim at a local pool in Eugene Oregon. I made her a mermaid outfit and she swam with us.

She is now back in her home state of Butte Montana. I would love to get her another mermaid visit. I do not know any mermaids in Montana and so am searching for a kind and loving mer person or persons to visit her. She is a such a sweetie.

We will never know when her time will come but we can continue to create joy and happiness for her time remaining with us.

If you or someone you know would be interested in contacting her mom and creating this visit, please please please contact me. It sounds so sad to do these kinds of visits but I can tell you that they bless you as much as you bless them with your visit.

My email is orchidcavett@gmail.com or you can pm me on facebook. My facebook page is orchidthejellyfish. If I had the money I would make the trip and make it happen myself. But I don't and need to depend on the kindness of strangers to make this happen.

It just happened not too long ago for a little girl in Washington. From Georgia to Yuma AZ to Portland Oregon mer people reached out and made it happen. I think we can do it again!

Thanks for reading - Swim Happy, Swim Free!