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Thread: Children's Hospital Gig?

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    Children's Hospital Gig?

    I've been doing a lot of cold-calling and sending out my press kits pretty much all over the Orlando area. I've been getting some good responses, and I'd like some feedback from mers who have done it in the past:

    What is okay/not okay to do at a children's hospital? What would you recommend that I do to entertain?

    When contacted, I told them that I can read stories, do meet and greets/photos, and arts and crafts. Anything else?

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    Each hospital is different. I find most would prefer you wear a shirt. lol. I have worn a sun dress with my tail whenever Ive done hospital visits.

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    The hospitals I have been to don't allow any glitter (you wearing it or for crafts) as it gets in the children's wounds. Check with your hospital first. They usually have a number of health & safety rules.

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    I would love to do a visit like this, how did you start, who did you contact, if you did do this how did it go, what did you do-were you in one place for a general meet/greet or travel somehow and visit rooms?
    ALSO I'm concerned kids are going to feel left out if they can't visit or if I can't come in, suggestions for an (over) eager mer?Thanks!
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    Wheel cheer or something-like this.

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