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Thread: Historical diving equipment

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    Historical diving equipment

    This article will make you glad for having been born after Jacques Cousteau and his friends invented SCUBA gear.

    and this little short from 1939 shows what diving was like, pre-SCUBA

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    I don't do scuba, but I shudder at the sight of those medieval torture devices all the same xD

    Worse, that things like eqalization and decompression sickness were unknown back then.
    The italian diver who located a sunken treasure had no eardrums left; and many workers who built the GoldenGate Bridge I think it was- died from decompression sickness.

    No wonder the ancient freedivers, who accessed the ocen so freely and uninhibited, were mermaids in the eyes of ordinary people.

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    Wait wait WAIT. There is NOT a body in the "iron man" at 1:47 is there?!?! Holy crap! That's

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    I have always liked the Carmagnolle suit from 1882.

    (Formerly known as Æolius)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merman Dan View Post
    I have always liked the Carmagnolle suit from 1882.


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    Oh how times have changed!
    Mermaid Kait

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    This is so cool!!
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