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Thread: Mermaid Luna...?

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    Mermaid Luna...?

    Hi Everyone,
    Just wondering if there are any mermaid Luna's out there?
    I am trying to pick my Mer name and it is what I am going towards, however I want to make sure no one else has that name first.


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    Hey Vala, Im pretty sure there is a Mermaid Luna here on the forum but a lot of mers share the same name, so dont let that stop you

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    Don't worry if there is more than one Mermaid Luna. There is more than one mermaid Kelly too! I just switch it up and go by Kelly Mermaid or Kelly the Mermaid.

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    I think its more important to have a Mermaid name that you love then to worry about having the same name as another Mer Its quite a big community now so there are bound to be some double ups and extremely similar names I think Mermaid Luna is a beautiful name! Rock it girl!
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    There is only one Mermaid Jaffa. Me.

    If you decide to name yourself after a lolly too, how bout Fantales? You could change it to mermaid theme, Fantails.

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    My only advice is to make sure there is noone else using that name in your area. It is fine to have the same performance names as others, many people do. However, the only time it causes problems is if there is already and established performer in your area using that name. Trust me, it will be confusing.


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