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Thread: Painting a Mahina Merfin

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    I painted mine also! I used one can of the matte black plasti-dip on my blue Mahina, it turned out lovely. I can see that it'll scuff and peel with use, so not a permanent change, but it'll do nicely until I buy a black fin.

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    I'm allergic to latex too and never had an issue with my mahina. Curious. That's a pretty paint job on it tho!

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    Hi. I know this was almost a year ago. I hope you found a better way. Mine scuffed too, and I think I used too much spray paint on it. After a few swims, the paint cracked in the middle, over my feet, where it was too tight anyway. I got another merfin, in teal, in the large size, and haven't painted it yet. Kinda leery about sanding this one, as that aggravated my allergy last time, and didn't help keep the paint on. It never flaked or broke up, it just cracked and has made a weird paint pocket.
    Now I am seeing this new Luna, from Finis, and waiting til more people have them to review. If it has decent propulsion, or moves at all like the mahina, I'll get one.
    Basically, for me, the painting was beceause I didn't like the orange color, and to try to block in the latex. I still haven't made my sequin tail cover, but when I do, I'll also make a fluke cover for whatever I use.
    Another possibility, is to pigment E6000 with pearlex and/or glitter.

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