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Thread: Mers of Tennessee!

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    Would around 2 50pm to 5 30pm next tuesday work? (On the 19th) I am still going swimming if you decide you would like to last minute. Hope everyone is doing alright.
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    I'm in the Chattanooga area atleast once or twice a month. Definitely open to meeting in the area, even though I life about an hour and a half south of there.

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    Welcome, Colinde. Nice to meet you!

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    I'm from Knoxville!

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    Welcome, Calisai. Nice to meet you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tealmermaid View Post
    Welcome, Calisai. Nice to meet you!
    Thank you! You as well! I heard that you relocated close to Nashville. Where did you previously live? Are you enjoying your new home?

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    I am originally from Chicago. The climate down here is much better!


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