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Thread: Hi beautiful mer-people!

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    Hi beautiful mer-people!

    Hi! I'm Nina! Just wanted to introduce myself! I'm new to this mermaiding thing.

    I'm from Garland and live right next to Lake Ray Hubbard, but I travel to Fort Worth every week so I'm basically all around the metroplex.

    I saw the Sirenalia mermaid retreat on my Facebook ads and thought it was the coolest thing ever! Then I researched more into it and found out mermaiding is a actual hobby ....and here I am!

    Definately wanna make it out to some of the DFW meets to meet you guys so you can show a noob how its done lol.

    My first fabric tail is being delivered guys, my inner child is jumping up and down right now! LOL

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    Welcome lovely, yay for your tail delivery!!
    Mermaid Kait

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    Welcome! And congrats on your new tail! Thats really exciting! Happy swimming
    Sarina Dreamtide

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    Glad to have you here! A lot of us are fairly new, mostly spandex tails. We have a few silicones in our group and our pod is always growing. I've been mer swimming for about a year now with just my monofin but I'm happy to share all I've learned so far!

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    Than you ladies!

    Yay spandex tails for the win! I just want to see a silicone in real life. I bet they're to die for.

    To be honest, I haven't swam In years... But I was a fairly decent swimmer back when I did. I mean I can tread water and swim to the other side of the pool! Lol never swam in a monofin or free dived before but I'm determined to get this thing down!

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    I was not a very strong swimmer honestly, I could stay afloat but nothing amazing. My monofin made it all very easy really. I felt the same way, I really wanted to see a silicone tail in person. I have seen the one at our meet currently, I dunno if any will be there this month.

    The pool we normally swim in is 9ft at its deepest, but we have some shallower water as well.

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    Welcome to mernetwork! always nice to see a new Texas mer yay for first tail! I hope you will post picks on the 'show me your tail' thread
    User formerly known as "LittleBlue222".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermaid Lunette View Post
    Welcome to mernetwork! always nice to see a new Texas mer yay for first tail! I hope you will post picks on the 'show me your tail' thread
    Of course!

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    Laura the Mermaid of The MerFriends


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