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Thread: Unable to Post

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    You're a doll! It worked first try.
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    Everything pretty much seems to be working like normal for me, except that 3 boards are stuck on my new posts page. They have no new posts in them, but they still won't go away.
    I know what causes this- its a side effect of the new settings for what's new. Vbulletin has 3 options on how it tracks whether things are read or unread. Previously it was set to the least processing intense option, where it only shows unread stuff from your last visit, and marks everything read after you leave. The current settings show everything unread, but it has trouble marking forums as read. The third setting will fix that but it takes me processing power, so for now I set it to the second one, and I want to wait and see if the site works normally with the slightly more intensive settings.


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