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Thread: Making Seawing: My First Full Silicone Tail!

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    Making Seawing: My First Full Silicone Tail!

    My friend MerQueen Nerissa designed me a beautiful tail that I am now bringing to life! So far I have made my scale molds and some scales, made a mold for my mini side fins, and have drawn out my fluke and big side fins. I'm using the Mahina Merfin for my fluke and the Pearlie Mae method when making my scales. It's so exciting to see them pinned on my body cast!!!Name:  rsz_img_0680.jpg
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    That's gorgeous!! Have you thought about doing commissions?

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    No, I'm just making this tail for myself. I only know what I'm doing because MerQueen Nerissa is guiding and teaching me throughout the process. She is an amazing friend!

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    This looks BEAUTIFUL. I hope all goes well for you :3

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    I like those scales and the colours are so pretty. Looks great.
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    Lovely!! Nice job so far!
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    I love the design and what you've done so far looks great. I'll be watching this one!

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    Super cute colours, keep it up!
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    Thank you everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Here's some pictures of where I'm at now. I have the entire front sealed and almost all of the back pinned. Name:  rsz_img_0691.jpg
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    Very nice job!
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    You tail looks great! How deed is your scale mold? I made a top with individual scales and they are a bit see through
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    Beautiful job so far

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    Wow you've done an awesome job. Those scales look very well finished and professional. I can't wait to see your fluke.
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    Scales are flawless! You should become a tailmaker!

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    How are u sewing them on?

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    I've pinned them on and I attach them by putting silicone under each one. When it cures the scale is stuck to the power mesh under it and the scales touching it.

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    This is a fintastic job! Keep up the good work!

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    This is looking gorgeous!

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    Holy carp! You've moved along so quickly! This only ispires me to do a silicone in the Pearlie method when I get the funds! <3 This is so gorgeous I can't wait to see it completed!!!
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    Wow! this is coming together so fast! Its beautiful!

    Edit: just realized i practically said the same things as Mermaid Caspiana. oops,


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