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Thread: what mermaid items have you found in stores this summer?

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    what mermaid items have you found in stores this summer?

    I want to know what mermaid goodies are hiding out in stores this summer. For example, at Target I found a swimsuit cover-up that says 'mermaid on duty'. (However this was a month ago and I haven't seen it since. I grabbed one of the last.) List your finds! Anything will do. Clothes, knick knacks, bags, jewelery, etc.

    If you are comfortable with it (and want others to find what you snagged), tell us the location where you found your goodies.
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    what mermaid items have you found in stores this summer?

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    Well my monofin was actually a craigslist find! And I have a pair of tights with a mermaid tail on them from last years Target Halloween clearance! That cover up sounds so cute! I haven't started collecting mermaid things too much yet but it is surprising the stuff you can find when you start looking for it.

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    Last summer, I found a cute green scaled fluffy bathrobe in the kids section of Best and Less. I looked for an adult size and even asked a staff member if they had it adult size, which they said, no.
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    I found a really cute mermaid beach towel at Dollar General. Hard for me to find a towel without Ariel, and it's great paired with the Mermaid on Duty cover up. It is kid sized tho, which is the only downside

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    I got a Tervis mug at Duck NC this fall that had blue mermaids on it. They also had the larger size with the same print with OBX on it for people who like that sort of thing, but I like the 16 oz better anyway.

    I think they also had a print that looked like knots of rope? It looked pretty cool.

    I also saw a lot of cast iron sitting mermaid statues that looked nice. It makes me want to find some of those cast iron wall hooks shaped like mermaids and fish.

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    I have an "Advice from a Mermaid" canvas that I found online. (I think it was on Amazon or Ebay, but I'm not sure. ) It has a bunch of sea-related puns/advice on it like "Don't get tide down" or "Make Waves".
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    There's been a whole mermaid craze in the UK recently called 'purr-maids' - they became really popular almost overnight. I got bedsheets, stationary, pens and pencils, piggy banks all shaped like cats with fish tails! It's super adorable.

    Mermaid blankets have been pretty big since Christmas too, and that caused a wave (ha) of articles about mermaiding to pop up.


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