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Thread: Places to swim in a tail/Monofins

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    Places to swim in a tail/Monofins

    Hey everyone!

    Forgive me if this question has already been posted before or answered on the forum but I would really be grateful for some advice.

    Does anyone know of any places suitable to learn to swim in a monofin or tail? I'm new to all this and though I am a good swimmer, don't have any experience swimming with a tail on or anything. I live around Denver, Colorado so I am a little limited too where I can learn. There are not many lakes around where I live that allow people to go swimming about in. But...there are a good few recreation centers with swimming pools around here so maybe if I ring around and asked I might get lucky.

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    I learned by watching YouTube videos for techniques and then by just taking my monofin to the pool. There were a few freediving classes offered in the area I was in but it was just too much of a hassle for me to do that at the time.
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    I learned it myself, saw some documentaries on Discovery about free diving. I was like, I want that too, I got myself fins at first and learned at the shallow end how to swim with them. When I was sure enough I went to swim in the rest of the pool. I quickly swam with both my legs together, so the transfer to monofin was very easy for me. The only thing I had to remember was that I couldn't tread water anymore as your feet are bound together.

    So make sure you start at the shallow side of the pool so you can stand up if you need too. Good luck!
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    Oh awesome! I live just outside of Denver.

    For as far as swimming with a monofin, it's just something you have to get used to. It really shouldn't be bad if you have experience swimming like you said.

    And for me personally I've found that finding any kind "less popular" rec center or pool is best for swimming. There are a couple pools in my area that are of the beaten track so only a few locals are aware of them. That means less people, less kids, more room to swim. I think it's just a matter of researching pools online until you find one that you think would work best.

    Like I said the fewer people the better, so it's also good to go in the off season if possible. If you can find a pool open during a time like now, when it's snowing, it would be perfect.

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    Thanks everyone for the advice! Off to find a monofin and get some practice in

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    Monofining involves undulating with the hips but starting at the head, which is kind of like a humping motion. I swam butterfly in high school and people would always laugh when I made the motion standing up out of the water. As far as using a monofin, I've found no resistance from the pool authorities. A couple of years ago I used my 'Finis Rapid' weekly at the Apex Center in Arvada...neighbor!


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