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Thread: Mermaid Commemorative Coins

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    Mermaid Commemorative Coins

    So I found out that some countries have issued commemorative coins with mermaid themes. They're real, spendable currency, unlike coins like fairy money to put under kids' pillows. I don't think I would spend these, though, if I end up being able to collect them.

    This started when I discovered that in 2005 Denmark issued a special 10 Kroner coin with the Little Mermaid on it to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen

    Then just this evening I stumbled across a $1 coin Palau issued in 1994 to celebrate their achieving independence from the United States (The Republic of Palau uses the US dollar as its national currency)

    and the reverse is coloured, and is beautiful

    Would love it if others could post about Mer coins from around the world.
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    Woahh that last one is so pretty

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    Thats EPIC!!!!!!! How do I get some of these?


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