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Thread: Swimming Across the Atlantic Ocean in Tail

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    Swimming Across the Atlantic Ocean in Tail

    So one of my dreams as a mermaid is to swim across the ocean in tail, possible from Miami, Florida to the UK ( if anyone has a suggestion as to where to make landfall in the UK I'd love to hear it). I would have a boat follow me for food, water, and rest as well as safety and to film proof. I would also want to have the boat be solar and wind powered. I want to do this to show that the ocean is not as dangerous as people think and that if you respect it and took safety precautions, you would be fine.

    I plan to make my tail blend with the ocean the way a whales does. Dark on top and light on the bottom. I will also be getting my scuba certification after this summer so I can take a small tank under with me and really experience the ocean.

    Obviously I would need to do long distance training before embarking on this journey. I'm looking to do it within the next 5 years. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on this? I would love all the advice I could get.
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    first off; I love that dream idea!

    I had a similar one for half my life, until I looked seriously into long distance ocean swimming and found that I don't have the bodily requirements to do this (body fat for insulation, for one).

    The people who did Atlantic swimming before had several wetsuits on and also a monofin.
    For some- Channel swimmers, for example- that would be considered cheating, though I'm fairly sure anything else would be impossible.

    I suggest starting with shorter distances and trying it all out.
    If you are the first to do this in a mermaid costume, you will raise awareness even if you do a shorter distance.

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    I would definitely have some type of top to keep me warm if necessary. I have swam in 56 degree ( Fahrenheit) water though that was not for an extended period of time. I work at a aquatic center so I definitely have space to train long distance. I am going to Hawaii next spring as well so I will be doing a sort of test run there. I know it's a different ocean but it will give me a perspective as to what I'm looking at.

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    I actually do an open-water lake swim in my area that is about 1 Kilometer per lap. I was thinking about doing it in tail too, once I get past my first 25K. I typically do 3-5K each time I swim it.

    I will let you know, open water swims are VERY different from pool swims, and you spend a lot of time "sighting", otherwise you will swim off-course.

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    That's awesome that you get to swim that.

    I know open water swims are very different than pool swims. I've swam lakes, and in the ocean before, it's just there isn't any open water around where I live so I have to deal with pool training for now.

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    This is so rad, I would definitely start a Patreon page for this!! Get some volunteers and sponsors. Good luck fishy !!

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    I'm a little late to the post, but this sounds like an amazing dream, and I hope it becomes a sensational reality!
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    One thing I recommend before you attempt it is to take a risk management class. It will give you a good idea as to how to best go about your journey while making sure that you have plans, safety precautions, equipment, and training so you'll have best chance of success, while also making sure that if things do not go as planned risk of disaster is minimized. In a feat such as what you wish to try, along with a big heart it is good to keep a wise mind to guide it.

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    If you do this it would be amazing! Florida is on the same latitude as northern Africa so you would be making the trip a lot longer if you go to the UK (unless you go to Gibraltar in Southern Spain which is part of the UK). Would it be better to have somewhere further south as your destination?
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    This sounds pretty awesome! However, it would take a lot of planning, training, and fundraising for the support crew such an endeavor would need. I wouldn't really advice going underwater though, for it. You need to keep track of your direction, and where you're going. It'd be amazing to see somebody pull this off! You'd be the second woman ever to swim across the Atlantic ocean. The only other time it was done was in 2009 by an athlete named Jennifer Figge, who was 56 at the time. If you put up a social media campaign, Patreon, and advertised it, I'm sure it could be made to work.
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