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Thread: Here is my list of cool Merfolk shows on Youtube. Enjoy my fellow Mers.

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    Here is my list of cool Merfolk shows on Youtube. Enjoy my fellow Mers.

    My list of Merfolk shows on Youtube.

    1. Ariana Mermaids 2. A Mermaids World 3. The Magic Shell 4. The 3 Tails 5. Mermaids From Land 6. Ocean Potion 7. Deep Sea Tails 8. Water Tails 9. Secret Life Of A Mermaid 10. Mermaid Miracles 11. Mermaids Secrets Of The Deep 12. Undercover Mermaids 13. Scales and Tails

    Hope my fellow Merfolks enjoy the shows some are long and some are short but I am happy to see kids teens and adults make the Merfolk community grow and hopefully get others to join are community.

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    Hydro Aqualarin, I have moved this thread to the proper section of the forum for you. This is the third time I have had to move a thread for you. Please make sure you are creating threads in the proper sections.
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    Right on, ill have to check these out

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    Have you checked out Life as a Mermaid?
    Here is Episode 1:

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    Unfortunately some of those shows--Ocean Potion and Mermaid Miracles--are gone now, though the latter's been reuploaded by various fans. I'd add Tail Flip and its sequel/spinoff The Mermaid Chronicles. Oh yeah, and the new Fire Ice Just Add Water is pretty good too.


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