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Thread: New invention oxygenates people's blood without breathing

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    New invention oxygenates people's blood without breathing

    OK, so people have figured out how to get O2 gas into people's bloodstreams by injection, in a form that doesn't cause embolism or bends.

    It's actually ready for use in emergency medicine to save patients who have their breathing cut off, and who can't have it restored quickly enough to avoid oxygen starvation.

    One would be tempted to think about using this to do amazing, 20-minute dives or mer swims.

    More experience with the technique would have to be gained before anyone should try this in a non-emergency situation, though. In the case of lipid microsomes, while they will circulate, nobody knows yet what chronic use would do in the bloodstream, especially under elevated pressure.

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    I looked for other articles. One I found had this:

    "The microparticles would likely only be administered for a short time, between 15 and 30 minutes, because they are carried in fluid that would overload the blood if used for longer periods, Kheir says."

    That sounds like there is a lot of carrier liquid involved, maybe a liter or so for 15 minutes. That sounds like this is not just a little injection, its more like getting an intravenous transfusion. I can see it used for emergencies. I can see the military taping into someone's circulatory system and connecting a bag of this stuff along with a little delivery pump. But for recreation? Sounds a little intrusive.

    Also, you still need to get rid of the person's CO2 somehow.

    That said, finding a way to stay under for a long time, without the bulky SCUBA gear, would be great. My apnea time is terrible, even after half a year of training.
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    If they revolutionize this we could LIVE UNDER WATER!!!
    but we'd have wrinkly fingers.
    kidding but this is so intriguing, especially since once a new technology emerges, it is usually followed by a ton of ways to make it more efficient and effective. Wonder where this will go? Interesting!

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    Lipids aren't to nice when it comes to nitrogen and pressure. The CO2 problem would not be nice either, as you'd become a shook up can of Coke when you surfaced. Good chance of CO2 embolism or DCS.

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    Not to mention this doesn't solve the problem of you exhaling carbon dioxide, your lungs would feel like they're burning and on fire the entire time you're using it.
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    I imagine the CO2 would still be expelled the same way, so underwater you'd be "burping" CO2 every so often, just remember not to suck back in.....

    I also feel it could really mess with the involuntary part of breathing, like if it WAS possible to use for recreation, and you did it often, you might override the involuntary part of breathing and end up just FORGETTING to breathe in normal day to day (likely not super life threatening..... but a concerning possibility.)

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    If they could further improve this and we could use it for recreation without a major catch, I would do anything to get my hands on it. Swimming under water for 20 minutes with just a fin... my god, imagine the freedom. The Future Is Here.


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