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Thread: Show and Tell: Mermaids on YouTube

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    Singing One More Light by Linkin Park (cover) in my Mermaid Inc tail.

    It was sooo nerve-wrecking and people kept giggling when they saw me (I was the only one in 'costume') but it was a lot of fun!

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    This is my top 5 things i wish i could tell my guppy self so hopefully this helps other guppies
    Mermaid Kisses and Starfish Wishes!

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    I forgot to share this when I made it but I made a video montage of a bunch of trick swims I've done!
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    Another song, Angel by Sarah McLachlan!

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    I was finally able to get some footage of my swim!

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    Aaaaah your tail is so pretty!

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    been a while since I've popped on here!

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    I'm horribly camera shy, and obviously an amateur, but I posted my first video!! I'm taking my new Mertailor tail out for her maiden swim this weekend, so I'm hoping to get some GoPro footage for another one

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    I made a new series going over all my tails, top, & accessories! It may help inspire some mersonas too
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    I took my FinFun Atlantis + Luna combo out for a swim in Mission Bay!

    As per the usual, 20 minutes of footage equaled about 2 minutes of good, useful clips.

    Ah well, it was fun and there's always next time!

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    Well, I am a German mermaid and that's why my channel is completely in German. I realised that there are already so many English mermaid videos on YouTube so I thought it is maybe good to make German mermaid videos. Also because a lot of Germans still can't understand English. I do reviews, unboxings, swimming and performing videos. Basically everything mermaidy. 😁
    My name is "Meerjungfrau Selphy".

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    I got my first Mertailor! The details of the tail are so beautiful and it flows so nicely underwater.

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    Ooo which one did you get
    Quote Originally Posted by UnicornMermaid View Post

    I got my first Mertailor! The details of the tail are so beautiful and it flows so nicely underwater.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the.tattooed.mermaid78 View Post
    Ooo which one did you get

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    Check out the most realistic mermaid tail I have ever made in my latest video!

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