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Thread: Show and Tell: Mermaids on YouTube

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    I'm still early in my mermaiding career, but I posted my first video a couple days ago and forgot to put it here!

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    Faithonthebass Out

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    New video is up!
    Faithonthebass Out

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    My latest! So happy to be working with SunTails again!
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    This was my very first montage video of me swimming in my magictail. This was recorded and uploaded about 5 years ago. I hope to do a swim montage with my new tail soon.

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    Started my first channel dedicated to talking about being a premed student, mermaiding and well...this is my first video. Hope you guys enjoy

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    Some of you might remember when I did mermaid makeup tutorials for my old channel, but when I remade, I wanted to try something different.

    My videos center around a single word and the feelings surrounding it through swimming. They're a form of artistic expression for me, and I love making them.

    Hope you'll swim by and take a look:

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    Be happy, swim free!

    Special thanks to Little Orca, Raina, SeaGlass, Pearlie, and many more for inspiring me to be the best mermaid I can be!

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    Reviving this thread with my latest unboxing!

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    Faith, your dress at the beginning of the video is SO CUTE! :3

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    Shooting my mermaiding with a GoPro Hero 6!

    My brother also helped me to edit a Follow Me Around:Mermaiding video!

    Website - Unicorns and Mermaids all over the world unite!


  11. #291 I finally made a swimming video, kind of nervous posting this. The video is short but that is the camera batterys fault haha.

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    Here's my latest video - an unboxing of a pretty mermaid tail!

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    Swimtails Pro tail unboxing! Super excited to swim in it soon.

    Website - Unicorns and Mermaids all over the world unite!


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    Here is a my official review of the finfun company

    Here is an unboxing and first impression I did of BellasFlowerCrowns

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    My unboxing of the mernation genesis silicone tail!! my first swim video will be up within the next two days. subscribe to my channel if you want to be notified on mermaid content

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