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Thread: Show and Tell: Mermaids on YouTube

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    I promised my family who has a blossoming Disney YouTube channel that I would help them make this video fin-tastic! Help us reach 100 views!
    Faithonthebass Out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slim View Post
    You swim with a lot of grace in your style. It's going to be awhile before I can even get remotely near that level of fluidness.
    Thank you, Slim! It's been a struggle to force myself to point my toes when I do a front flip because I'm so used to keeping my feet flat when I prepare myself to do a flip turn!

    Quote Originally Posted by Waves of Ash View Post
    Same ^^^
    Thank you!
    Mermaid Coralia
    Savannah, GA | Richmond, VA
    Competivie Swimmer since 2005 | Aspiring Animator
    9 Time National Champion Swimmer | 11 Time All-American Swimmer
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    Hit the pool with my Mum and we had a blast! She took some great footage!

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    NEW VIDEO! It is a little different than my other stuff, but I hope you guys like it!

    Also, Courtney's video was lovely and ya'll should definetly subscribe for something fun coming soon...
    Faithonthebass Out

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    Video #2 of COvember is out featuring this thread's very own VANCOUVER MERMAID!
    Faithonthebass Out

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