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Thread: Show and Tell: Mermaids on YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerdmaid Faith View Post
    Worked really hard on this video you guys - check it out!
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    Dude! This was super fun, you have SO many!! How have you not tried one of my suits, though??!!!

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    I've got neeeeeewwwwws!!

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    Holy manatee, I'm so happy for you, Faith!

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    Eeeep thank you!

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    So nervous sharing this on a big forum outside of the Discord server I'm a part of, but this is a clip of my third(?) time swimming in my Swimtails Sand Betta fin at a local pond with a friend as he became familiar with his new pair of bi-fins! He tried recording before on a previous swim, but it was too dark to pick up even my brighter custom-printed Fin Fun tail at the time, so we were really excited to be able to get out earlier in the day to do this.

    At first when I got this tail I was dubious about if I really was going to enjoy it for the price I've paid, but after swimming several times both in a small pool, and in this pond easily a couple hours per swim (and about a mile's worth of swimming judging by the length of the pond), I've come to really appreciate how it moves. It does like to slip down my backside however, and I tend to prefer longer skins for that particular reason >_> While the tail skin likes to trap bubbles in the fluke, a couple of good hard kicks are usually sufficient to knock them out through the seams!

    You can /kinda/ see the plants along the bottom of the pond that I skim over with each dive, and the fact that I bob up like a cork when I'm not pushing forward in the water! Startled plenty of fish, and confused a poor red-eared slider at one point looking for a resting log. Definitely not a pond I would attempt the fancier stunts in beyond the twisting dive I do a few times during the vid, because I don't think I want to be constantly snorting out pond gunk from my sinuses! Don't want to be swimming without goggles either due to what gets caught on tail and suit after each swim! I have a few recordings of a pool swim with this tail I will try to get together at some point into another vid.

    All in all it's a fun tail, and a fun swim, but I'm definitely going to look into a slimmer fluke-skin for that Mahina for a more Nyoomy-nyoom mood when I want to zip around faster! In the meantime I'll probably use this fin more until my sequin tail is finished.

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    Thank you for sharing that, I always wondered how those lovely bettas looked like in the water. What a great demo! Lovely tail and a lovely demonstrator!

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