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Thread: A Hybrid Buisiness

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    A Hybrid Buisiness

    So I've had an idea and while it is a long time off, I wanted to get a general idea from other ProMers and weather or not it could work.

    First off, I would like to make it clear that this business (when or if it ever came to be) would only be a side business to my actual career.

    So I want to be able to make money doing the things I absolutely love. Up until a week ago, that major focus was on fursuiting and mascotting. But after my first swim with my monofin I fell completely in love and I want to grow my sights into something of a general entertainment business. I am having a fursuit made of Sven the Reindeer for December and I want to eventually include other iconic characters. (I am working on the copyright issue and all that so please no lectures) but I was hoping that I could include mermaiding into that little business. For those professional mermaids out there, do you think it would work? Could a hybrid business like that work with both original and non-original characters?

    And (because I didn't see it in any of the threads int he sub-forum that I looked through) how does one go about pricing their gigs and events? I am also curious how folks went about choosing their mermaid name or their business name. My cosplay name and Etsy/craft business is all under theAfancsLake but I am worried that's not a great entertainment business name and I don't want to do too many things under one name for confusion issues.
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    The hybrid business scheme is not very clear to me, so at the moment I am concentrating on the online business I run on jira. This method is not without its flaws, but I can't help but mention the excellent third-party applications and extensions for jira that alphaserve provides. You can read more about the power bi jira connector if you are interested.

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    Hello! I'm thinking about starting my own business. Do you have any suggestions? What is the best way to start business independently?

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    Hi. I have a small but profitable business that I created myself. The only thing I needed was innovative ideas that would help me attract new customers. I was lucky enough to learn what salesforce marketing cloud is from one blog. The authors are real professionals who shared their experience with me and gave me some very good advice. I think you might want to take a look at it.

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    Do you think it is necessary to insure a small business against force majeure?

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    Good afternoon! Nowadays, no sane entrepreneur can do without business insurance and this is a reasonable approach. By the way, you can save a lot on the choice of insurance coverage if you contact the business insurance service. Here you will receive advice on insurance products that are ideal for your type of business. Just go to the site and make a phone call.

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    I can say that when it comes to business development, there are many difficulties you may face. In my case, developing mvp was a real challenge, but not so long ago, I managed to discover an article on how to develop your minimum lovable product, and it was a salvation for me, so you need to do your own research beforehand.

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    The most difficult part of understanding email deliverability is that every email provider uses its own terminology. This can make it hard to tell what's really going on with your emails -- and why you're getting bounces. But reading info about smtp errors is a key piece of learning about effective email delivery.


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