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Thread: First gig alone!

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    First gig alone!

    This weekend is the Mt Si Days. Here in North Bend, WA. I payed to have my very own booth, so i bought a small pool and i will be out there all weekend! Im quite nervous, since this is my first time getting myself out there without another group of mermaids to supporting me. Ahhh scary! Does anyone have any tips on how to manage staying out there for 10 hours a day for 3 days? How do bathroom breaks work, whithout kids seeing you go out of character?? How ro I really get people interested in coming to my booth?

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    Omg that's both terrifying and amazing all at the same time! Congrats!!!

    I'm new to being a mermaid so I won't be much help, but for the whole bathroom thing do you have a Mertender? Because they could essentially wisk you away to use the "little fishies room".

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    I will also be of no help. Just wanted to stop in and say congrats Take lots of pictures and let us know how it goes!
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    i would say it went absolutly amazing! I for sure got a couple gigs! Hoping to be getting more!

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    Omg YAY!!! Congrats!!!


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